1. adee

    Script tr-lumberjack

  2. adee

    Script [STANDALONE] NUI Dialog Box [FREE]

    NUI Dialog Box for FiveM [Standalone] thumb1681×869 70.4 KB [an_dialogBox] An immersive dialog box with sounds and a simple but beautiful UI. I created this because of the very few options available out there. Using this utility will open a whole world of possibilities for your server and...
  3. adee

    Script Announce creator [esx] [qbcore]

    Today I come to present an announce creator, you can create your list of presets so that each job has its specific ad, or you can also create it from the same menu. PREVIEW image1045×497 59 KB DOWNLOAD GitHub ESX
  4. adee

    Script [QB] dc-shiftlog

    This was requested since this one 41 “didn’t work” properly. I present you a shift log resource which doesn’t handout your Discord webhooks for free . Testing and issues are appreciated. But should work as intended. GitHub GitHub - Disabled-Coding/dc-shiftlog: Log how long players have been...
  5. adee

    Script [FREE] [QBCORE] Lightbar Script

    tnj-lightbar is an asset built to work with QBCore to add lightbars onto vehicles. Gotta give credit where credit’s due. Credits to Munky for the orignal script Munky : Profile - Munky - Cfx.re Community Original Script : [Release] Lightbar Menu Script: Attatch Lightbars to ANY vehicle w/...
  6. adee

    Script [Free] K5 Shops

    K5 Shops1280×720 126 KB This script uses ESX Framework. The goal of this script is to implement different type of shops on your server, that can accepts multiple types of money. These shops can be used as a pawn shop, a store, or as a buyer only market. You can configure the shop to have a max...
  7. adee

    Phone NP 3.0 Phone [QB]

    Hello dear vFivem users, today I will share the np 3.0 phone I found with you, I wish you good use. Download
  8. adee

    Script Patoche Minigolf (map + script)

    Some people said it was a rare ressource etc etc... If in return, if it could motivates you to share other things like patoche billard etc... I'm glad to help :) You just need to put this in your resource folder and write in .cfg > ensure [Golf] .zip/file']Download
  9. adee

    MLO/YMAP New York City / Liberty City Map

  10. adee

    Phone New S4 Phone Esx & Qbus version

    PHONE FEATURES AND DIFFERENCES FROM THE OLD VERSION All Applications' Designs Have Been Changed. (Whatsapp, Yellow Pages, Twitter etc.) Added Video and Audio Sending via Whatsapp. The calendar app now looks like a reminder. Frame flip feature. App icons appearance features are added. S4-Health...
  11. adee

    Script Amazon Job

    Amazon Job Perview Download
  12. adee

    Script NoPixel Adminmenu

    Perview Download
  13. Lorens

    Hud Yeni Güncel HUD

    Merhaba değerli vFivem kullanıcıları Bugün Sizlere Güzel Bulduğum Ve Hoş Görünen Bir Hud Scripti Paylaşmak İstedim Hud: .rar.html']İndirme linki
  14. Lorens

    MLO/YMAP Rockford Cafe

    Selamlar vFivem üyeleri https://streamable.com/zfay7t İndirme linki
  15. Lorens

    Script Güzel Bir Banka Sistemi BB-Banking [ESX]

    Selamlar arkadaşlar sizlere bugün güzel bir banka sistemi paylaşmak istedim ben çok beğendim umuyorumki sizde beğenirsiniz indirme linki
  16. Lorens

    NP 3.0 - Sunucu dosyalar

    Arkadaşlar selamlar, Bu Paket No Pixel 3.0 'dan scriptler alınarak yapılmıştır. kendi scriptleri mi yoksa benzetme scriptler mi malesef bilmiyorum siz denersiniz artık Güncel 3.0'ın birebir kopyasıdır. Paket hakkında herhangi bir destek sağlamıyorum Download
  17. Ares

    Guide Kendi Animasyonunuzu Oluşturmak

    Başlamak için neye ihtiyacım var? Bu, elbette AnimKit 361. Pedleri ve iskeletleri dışa aktarmak için OpenIV 25. GIMS Evo 120 eklentisi yüklü 3ds Max. Animasyon tarama ve önizleme için CodeWalker 54. Biraz boş zaman ve sabır. Bir teçhizat hazırlama ve oluşturma Bu noktada 3ds Max, GIMS ve...







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