1. PastorTmac

    Advertisement ▬▬▬▬▬▬Street Stories RP▬▬▬▬▬▬

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬┇Street Stories RP (City still in Development, almost complete)┇▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome to Street Stories RP - Where Storylines intertwine and become movies, starring YOU! 🌟Are you tired of the same old FiveM experience? 🌟 Are you tired of staff that doesn't care? Danny's doing whatever...
  2. Advertisement CompositeRP |SeriousRP|

    CompositeRP is a new FiveM server looking to grow its community. We are currently looking to fill job spots and have lots of room for new gangs. We are still under development for now but we are trying to make things the best they can be so that everyone can have a fun and enjoyable experience...
  3. casual

    Advertisement DOJ BlaineRP | SeriousRP | Drugs | Fishing | Hunting | Custom Cars | Active Staff | Hiring Government

    🔊🔊We are a serious RP server seeking the most realistic experience in FiveM. With tons of custom content we expect it will be plenty to keep you busy, from drugs to hunting & fishing. Enforcing the law in your home county, or saving the lives of those suffering from the criminals in this state...
  4. Advertisement THE COLLECTIVE RP

    About us Introduction The CollectiveRP was founded in late 2021/early 2022. Some friends were looking for a new place after their previous communities slowly started to dissolve. Instead of looking for a new community, they decided to decorate their own place to call home. Our most significant...
  5. nickwayman1068

    Advertisement Last Resort RP

    Looking for a realistic server but you've about had your last straw with fivem. Well that's why you should join Last Resort RP. We're a newly developed server looking for new players that are willing to create rp storylines and memories. We want players that are willing to work together as a...
  6. Advertisement Seneca County RP|NEW SERVER LOOKING FOR LEO|

    Discord - Join the Seneca County RP Discord Server! Departments: CERTIFIED CIV, Highway Patrol, Sandy Police Dept, Sandy Sheriff Dept, LSPD, FIRE, EMS, COMMUNICATIONS About Us: Seneca County Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplay Community (GTA V Roleplay Community) based on Seneca County in Ohio… Every...
  7. Advertisement 🔥 Virginia State Roleplay 🔥

    Custom Cars, Custom Map, Discord Server, Strict RP, Police, EMS, Special Car Packs, Updated Areas, and more! Visit our discord at for more information on the FiveM server.
  8. NicScarV2

    Come check out Bostons World A newly developed serious RP city come joing us today

    Join the Boston’s World Discord Server! ✗ About Us Welcome to the beginning of a epic story set in the heart of Boston's World where you start out with $500 and a dream to be a millionaire by any means necessary! You need to make that money! Get on your grind legally or illegally, whether you...
  9. Charles Parmesan

    Advertisement 🗻 Everest RP 🗻 | Crimes & Gangs | Custom Framework | Whitelisted

    About the City Everest is based on a Custom Framework, allowing for greater optimization and implementation of new features by the Communities Suggestions. We're dedicated to deliver Serious RP and providing a well structured City for the Civilians to partake in. Coupled with an attentive Staff...

    Advertisement New Serious RP Server

    Heaven Sent RP A new roleplay experience! Real Cars, Trucks, Real Economy! Hiring for various types of jobs; Own Theme! Mechanics Police Ems Cookies Mcdonalds KFC Unique systems, exclusive mods, you've never seen in any other city! STAFF is on 24/7 WL simple, no questions asked! As soon as...
  11. Advertisement RapidCityRP | NEW | HIRING EMS & PD | PLAYER OWNED BUSINESS | GANGS | & MORE!!

    RapidCityRP is a new and upcoming server! We offer a custom clothing pack and custom cars! Great opportunities for players to own and run a business! WE have custom black markets and new weapons added in weekly! Shop your local gas station for food or even head down to walmart and get some...







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