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May 20, 2022

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May 20, 2022
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About us

The CollectiveRP was founded in late 2021/early 2022. Some friends were looking for a new place after their previous communities slowly started to dissolve. Instead of looking for a new community, they decided to decorate their own place to call home.
Our most significant advantage was (and still is) the roleplaying experience we’ve brought along. We slowly found ways that worked and ways that didn't. Coming from various communities also helped out a ton in giving different perspectives to situations. With this experience in mind, we started building a community called TheCollectiveRP.

The Community
Currently, the community is roughly four months old, with a month past its launch. We've established a core player base that fills 30-40 slots every weekend and currently has 250+ members in our discord. We are just now getting our feet wet since this is our first time sharing our community with the public. The development team constantly checks to resolve any issues or implement new features for the server. We want to continue working at this pace, and our team will grow along with its community.
We involve the community by taking their feedback seriously, hosting community meetings and events, and roleplaying beside them. We want to be inclusive and avoid unhealthy behavior, such as toxicity and discrimination.

The Server
The server's core consists of the QBCore framework. We've tweaked and tinkered with the framework to fit the roleplaying needs and user experience. Changes to these resources are still ongoing, as QBCore is an open-source project. We want to give our community the latest, so we keep updating these resources while making our changes. Using the QBCore framework will allow us to add new features on top of maintaining our server since QBCore is open-source.
We are heavily influenced by previous communities we've been a part of. We are very thankful to be given years of roleplaying experiences within those communities, and these experiences have shaped The CollectiveRP into what it is now. We want to give our players the comfort and enjoyment we've experienced and still are experiencing while roleplaying.

- JOIN NOW!!!!!

The Staff
Our staff team consists of community members from various communities with years of experience with roleplay. Our staff is friendly and helpful towards the community, and we’d like to be around whenever one is needed. Our developers are constantly working to make The CollectiveRP a more significant place by keeping the server up to date and fully optimized and adding additional features.

What we have to offer​

Player Owned Businesses
Businesses are owned and managed by actual players—each with its custom interior. We want to encourage player-to-player interactions by implementing most product sales from player-owned businesses.

Emergency Services
Our emergency services are held to the highest standard, and they are the postcard of our community. Each department has access to fully functional systems, such as the MDT, a dispatching system, department-specific items, and various patrol cars and interceptors.

Whitelisted Jobs
Some jobs require an application or interview to be accepted. These include jobs in Emergency Services(EMS and PD) and player-owned businesses (Mechanic, Salesperson,
Dancer at VU, etc.). These whitelisted jobs have access to their storage, bank accounts, and mechanics.

Illegal Activities
Our server consists of progressive criminal activities, ranging from selling drugs to robbing establishments and heists. They are advanced because you start by doing low-level crime to work your way to riskier and more profitable jobs. We have gangs, organizations, and MCs involved in illegal activities as well. Each group has its foot in the underworld. Are you looking for a more prolonged boost of adrenaline? Then street racing in custom vehicles might be your calling.

Legal Activities
Along with player-owned businesses, we offer plenty of jobs for you to enjoy. There are too many jobs to list, so we'll list a couple of them, each within a specific category. The first one is player-interactive jobs, things such as being a lawyer, a tow truck driver, a taxi driver, or an employee at a player-owned business. The second category of jobs is "hobby jobs", such as fishing, hunting, or diving. The third category is professions, mining, logging, trucking, or garbage collecting. These jobs are getting tweaked constantly to make sure they are rewarding in their way.


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