1. Script QB Core NP Inspired Car Rental Script

    QB Core NO PIXEL INSPIRED CAR SCRIPT virus total: VirusTotal
  2. Script Lation Mining (SUPPORTS ESX + EASY TO CONVERT)

    A fun mining script for FiveM including mining, smelting & selling materials. Everything is configurable. Customize the mining locations, smelting location, selling location. Add more or remove materials, make them "smeltable" or not, set a price used when selling. Customize how long each...
  3. Dking

    Request delete

    delete delete delete delete delete
  4. ysfbaker


    Hello, ATY_İCEHUD was shared in the forum and I decided to edit this hud. I think it was a nice hud, I hope it will help fivem get rid of the round hud used on every server, even if it is a small help. Update - I looked at it, it would be better if there was a border so that we could notice...
  5. Paid Inventory rework and redesign | Nopixel 4.0 inspired

    This is a rework of ox_inventory which changes most of the UI, it also reads data such as job, citizenid and others, you can look at the description of this video for more info preview
  6. Tunay313

    Request RAHE Boosting System (2023)

    Please does anyone have this script? It would be nice if it was up to date


    DOWNLOAD - CLICK ME Satelite Map resource, drag and drop, start and enjoy it.

    Script FiveM Deluxe Car Heist by RainMad | FREE | RARE | SCRIPT | ESX/QBCORE

    DOWNLOAD - CLICK ME (Enjoy all!)
  9. Instant-Code

    Paid Selling all of my purchased scripts, MLOs and vehicles from my keymaster plus the open source valued at over $5000

    Selling all of my purchased scripts, MLOs and vehicles from my keymaster plus the open source valued at over $5000 If you are interested, post on Discord: I have all the scripts from the major developers that you can get open source and keymaster encrypted. I mainly used...
  10. babydev

    ServerFile {ÜCRETLİ} BABY QBUS V.1

    Öncelikle Herkese Selamlar Üzerinde Çalışıp Fix'lediğim Paketi Satışa Sunmaya Karar Verdim :) NOT: TEST SUNUCUSU MEVCUTTUR. F3 RADIAL MENU: EV SATIN ALMA...
  11. Bry an

    Script Crewphone - FiveM

    this phone script for esx link : download here
  12. Bry an

    Script Free complete hunting script - FiveM

    this complete hunting script for free link : download here
  13. Bry an

    Phone [script] Video call script for ESX - FiveM

    this is video call script for gcphone link : download here
  14. Bry an

    Script [script] okok full pack - FiveM

    this is all okok scripts link : download here
  15. Paid Complete plugin and play Roleplay server

    The perfect plugin and play. Set up in 5 mins and you have a really good server to RP and host a roleplay Server. The server was develop by a group of developers and software enginers, the framework is QBUS and It's really optmized has you can see bellow on the photo the server was made in 8...
  16. adee

    Script NoPixel Adminmenu

    Perview Download
  17. ProNuke

    Script Gas station simulator

    Hello vFivem Forum Family🥰 Download Link : Click
  18. ProNuke


    Preview : Im not sure whether this is the exact preview of this script ! Check it out on you own... Download : Tıklayınız
  19. adee

    Script NoPixel banka scripti.

    NoPixel banka scripti iyi kullanımlar. [PERVİEW] [İNDİR]
  20. JaeSun

    Script LSPD - LSMS - Döküman Scripti

    Kurulum : Sql dosyasını veritabanına yükleyiniz ve scripti resource kısmına ekleyip startını verin. Not : Script L Tuşu ile açılmaktadır ve tamamen ingilizcedir. Tuşlarını değiştirmek ve türkçeleştirmek size kalmıştır. Güle güle kullanın :) 〖 İndirme linki 〗: documents.rar 〖 Virüs...







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