1. Lorens


    İndirme Linki : GitHub - Aymus/HudV4 credit: @aymus Fotograf;
  2. Lorens

    Script Qbcore uwu cafe job

    Kurulum için gerekli kısımlar install.md dosyasında Download VT
  3. Lorens

    Script qbcore saltychat entegreli radio

    Qbcore saltychat entegreli radio scripti Download
  4. Lorens


    m3 motel sisteminden alıntıdır. Kordinat şuan tek kordinata ayarlı rastgele motel sistemi gibi yapmak isterseniz client kısmından kordinatları arttırabilirsiniz. Şuan tek kordinat var bu yüzden sadece tek girişli. Moteli modern motel ymape uyarladım. Ymap scriptin içindedir sadece start vermeniz...
  5. Lorens

    Script Qbcore Meslek Paketi [Qbcore-Jobs]

    Qbcore meslek/jobs paketi bir yerde gördüm tatlı olmuş paylaşmak istedim İyi kullanımlar İNDİR
  6. GBRP-Kenny

    Reklam [UK/EU │Great Britain RP│Serious Roleplay │Custom Vehicles│Drugs/Gangs │Custom Legal/Illegal Jobs │MET Police / NHS│ActiveStaff / Devlopers│Custom MLO

    Great Britain Roleplay server, latest qbus framework has all the best features & scripts there is to FiveM, high skilled police, working jobs, criminal activity, serious roleplay with character backgrounds and great community. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🗣️ ▸Excellent Roleplay & Outgoing Community...
  7. MrFlip

    Reklam Continental Network V2 | Custom Scripts | QB-Core framework | Fun Roleplay | Hiring LEO + Fire | Public and Whitelisted jobs | Custom Heists

    Hello! Welcome to the Continental Network. We are about to release the V2 of our server, reworking it from the ground up in the QB-Core framework. We are whitelisted network will zero tolerance for trolling and Fail RP. We are looing for members who are interested in Serious, but fun, Roleplay...
  8. Reklam MadWrld Roleplay - SERIOUS RP!

    MadWrld Roleplay is finally here! Please consider joining our discord to start your adventure: https://discord.gg/dpcd8tsB We officially launched this week, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome new players. Our goal is to grow into a large and well-established community that aims towards...
  9. Reklam Visual Gaming FiveM︱Your new home!

    What is Visual Gaming? VG512×512 74.2 KB Visual Gaming is a New South Wales based Australian Role-play server which provides the best RP possible for our community. Visual Gaming staff & developers pride themselves on bringing what the community wants to the server. With a team of developers...
  10. Lorens


    QB-NIGHTVISION Download Item For the item, a image is included. You simply put this image in your qb-inventory/html/images The item in qb-core/shared.lua: ["nightvision"] = { ["name"] = "nightvision", ["label"] = "Night Vision goggles", ["weight"] = 5...
  11. Lorens

    Script [QBCore] Car Destroy

    Eşyalar için arabaları yok eden bir senaryo. Araba imha sadece mekanik içindir. Config'de birçok şeyi değiştirebilirsiniz. Yok edilebilecek araçların beyaz bir listesine sahip olmak ve her bir imhadan kaç tane alacağınız gibi şeyleri değiştirebilirsiniz. Video - vehicle destroy İndir...
  12. adee

    Script [FREE] [QBCORE] Lightbar Script

    tnj-lightbar is an asset built to work with QBCore to add lightbars onto vehicles. Gotta give credit where credit’s due. Credits to Munky for the orignal script Munky : Profile - Munky - Cfx.re Community Original Script : [Release] Lightbar Menu Script: Attatch Lightbars to ANY vehicle w/...
  13. adee

    Script [FREE] QBCore Dispatch & MDT

    This is where the wonderful sloth team from LJ Labs 185 come together as one and focus on open source resources for all QBCore communities to enjoy and use! Our team has continued to stay grounded and motivated; by doing so, we have now effectively brought our initial project to the public...
  14. Lorens

    Script Licenses & Id Cards

    Licenses About Licenses is a small dev resource, which means that it does almost nothing by itself, and you’ll have to add some functionality to it. The background images are based on the state of California driver’s license. I originally made this a while back (roughly 2 years ago) and it...
  15. Lorens

    Script qb-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core

    qb-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core Dependencies qb-core pma-voice qb-radialmenu - Optional (Access to change channels 1 - 6) Features Latest Nopixel Inspired Radio Radialmenu join channel option 1 - 6 Inventory Image [qb-radio/imgforinvenotry] Sounds included for PMA Voice...
  16. GmanDaMan

    Reklam Welcome Lost Ones | QBCore Based | Drugs | Player Based Economy | DOJ | PD | EMS

    🤍 Welcome Lost Ones 🖤 Welcome Lost Ones is an upcoming QBCore server with an emphasis for High Quality optimized Roleplay. We're constantly adding new content and we add in user suggestions weekly! Features: - High levels of optimization, having high FPS - Weekly content updates, with...
  17. nickwayman1068

    Reklam Last Resort RP

    Looking for a realistic server but you've about had your last straw with fivem. Well that's why you should join Last Resort RP. We're a newly developed server looking for new players that are willing to create rp storylines and memories. We want players that are willing to work together as a...
  18. annareed007

    Reklam One Shot RP

    This is our QBcore new server, called One Shot RP, we have whitelisted jobs, gangs, robberies, houses, cars, a big variety of custom clothing. You can have multiple jobs and switch easily between them, you don't have to go back and forth to the job center. You are always welcome to apply for...
  19. Reklam Los Santos Country RP

    Welcome to LSCRP, we are a new upcoming server full of dedicated staff and members. We have a good community, with proud members and staff. The server is built on QBCore, which includes custom cars, jobs, robberies, gangs and civilian jobs. If you are wanting to join, type "Los Santos Country...
  20. DiabloX9

    Satış [QBCore] Vehicle Shop (Dealership) HUD 2.0

    Files : Where ? Just here for 4.80€ : DiabloX9 | Welcome The files include the script and Gta5KoRn Car Pack pre-configured (shared.lua) and optimized by myself (16mb limit) + pictures! I give support on discord : Join the DiabloX9 Shop Discord Server!







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