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  1. Lorens

    Script Esx Admin Menü

  2. adee

    Script tr-lumberjack
  3. Lorens


    QB-NIGHTVISION Download Item For the item, a image is included. You simply put this image in your qb-inventory/html/images The item in qb-core/shared.lua: ["nightvision"] = { ["name"] = "nightvision", ["label"] = "Night Vision goggles", ["weight"] = 5...
  4. Lorens

    Script [Standalone] K5 Skillcheck

    This is a free script that was created for everyone to use. The goal of this script is to create a skillcheck system inspired by Dead By Daylight’s system, that doesn’t use HTML canvases. Canvas can require a lot of resources from lower end PCs. Demo Watch the demo here: YouTube Download...
  5. Lorens

    Script [ESX] xd_locksystem | Vehicle Key System!

    Welcome Everybody for my first Release! This script is completely Free. So I’ve seen a lot of requests in onyxLocksystem for fixed and better version so I decided to create one! Of course I asked first for permission from HighHowdy (Creator of onyxLocksystem) to use the script idea and...
  6. Lorens

    Script [QBCore] Car Destroy

    Eşyalar için arabaları yok eden bir senaryo. Araba imha sadece mekanik içindir. Config'de birçok şeyi değiştirebilirsiniz. Yok edilebilecek araçların beyaz bir listesine sahip olmak ve her bir imhadan kaç tane alacağınız gibi şeyleri değiştirebilirsiniz. Video - vehicle destroy İndir...
  7. Lorens

    Script Licenses & Id Cards

    Licenses About Licenses is a small dev resource, which means that it does almost nothing by itself, and you’ll have to add some functionality to it. The background images are based on the state of California driver’s license. I originally made this a while back (roughly 2 years ago) and it...
  8. Lorens

    Script qb-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core

    qb-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core Dependencies qb-core pma-voice qb-radialmenu - Optional (Access to change channels 1 - 6) Features Latest Nopixel Inspired Radio Radialmenu join channel option 1 - 6 Inventory Image [qb-radio/imgforinvenotry] Sounds included for PMA Voice...
  9. Cespow


    Download Video GOOD USES :)
  10. Lorens

    Paket Nopixel Package np-core

    It has not been tested, there will definitely be problems, I just share it because I think it will be useful for you, there are good things in it, you can buy and share them. Download
  11. Lorens

    Hud [ESX] LJ-HUD (np 3.0 inspired) status vs bound

    There is saltychati in it (for volume up and down) install run a hud I wish you good use Link
  12. ProNuke


    Preview : Im not sure whether this is the exact preview of this script ! Check it out on you own... Download : Tıklayınız
  13. Lorens

    Envanter Chezza's inventory V3

    Hello vFivem Forum members, I will share a very nice inventory with you, the script does not belong to me. Download
  14. adee

    Script Market Script

    EN: Open Source Files You Can Convert QBCORE/VRP Very Easily It can turn into something nice with little UI Gameplays. NOT TESTED ! TR: Açık Kaynak Dosyalar Çok Kolay Şekilde QBCORE/VRP Çevirebilirsiniz Küçük UI Oynanışları ile güzel bir şeye dönüşebilir. TEST EDİLMEDİ ! Download
  15. Cespow

    Hud CARHUD Luminous Dev

    Anyone can use Classic Carhud Around 0.7-0.8 Resmon is at dinner. NOT TESTED ! Promotion Download
  16. Lorens

    Script Squid Game script + Mlo

    as far as i no the spawn coords are all messed up goto config change line 16 to vector3(-253.1465, -3276.012, 290.00985) thats as far as i got with it the molo is next to airport in the sky from looking around i think this is level 1 and 5 but there no script for 5...
  17. Lorens

    Script VexCreator - Skin Changer

    Better Reskin - Character Creator Depedencies : ESX Features Onesync Infinity Works Better than a default ESX skinchanger Includes Spawn Selection mprooved Perfomance Preview/Download English Version/Download
  18. Lorens

    Envanter Qb To Esx inventory+ Es_Extended

    I wanted to share something that would make everyone happy. I have not encountered any problems, you can easily install this inventory on your server. Download sql picture will be added as soon as possible !!!
  19. Lorens

    Hud New Hud V2

    New Hud V2 DOWNLOAD
  20. Lorens

    Envanter Chezza's inventory V3

    Hello vFivem Forum members, I will share a very nice inventory with you, the script does not belong to me. Download







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