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  1. adee

    Script tr-lumberjack
  2. Lorens


    QB-NIGHTVISION Download Item For the item, a image is included. You simply put this image in your qb-inventory/html/images The item in qb-core/shared.lua: ["nightvision"] = { ["name"] = "nightvision", ["label"] = "Night Vision goggles", ["weight"] = 5...
  3. Lorens

    Script [Standalone] K5 Skillcheck

    This is a free script that was created for everyone to use. The goal of this script is to create a skillcheck system inspired by Dead By Daylight’s system, that doesn’t use HTML canvases. Canvas can require a lot of resources from lower end PCs. Demo Watch the demo here: YouTube Download...
  4. Lorens

    Kıyafet Fluffy Skirt

    boo21280×720 95.9 KB FLUFFY SKIRT BOOMODS.rar (8.2 MB) Terms of use It is strictly forbidden to rearrange the outfit, to include it in any package and to offer it for sale, to use it for any commercial purpose. Please contact me to change the texture or adapt it to another game.
  5. Lorens

    Script [ESX] xd_locksystem | Vehicle Key System!

    Welcome Everybody for my first Release! This script is completely Free. So I’ve seen a lot of requests in onyxLocksystem for fixed and better version so I decided to create one! Of course I asked first for permission from HighHowdy (Creator of onyxLocksystem) to use the script idea and...
  6. adee

    Script [STANDALONE] NUI Dialog Box [FREE]

    NUI Dialog Box for FiveM [Standalone] thumb1681×869 70.4 KB [an_dialogBox] An immersive dialog box with sounds and a simple but beautiful UI. I created this because of the very few options available out there. Using this utility will open a whole world of possibilities for your server and...
  7. adee

    Script Announce creator [esx] [qbcore]

    Today I come to present an announce creator, you can create your list of presets so that each job has its specific ad, or you can also create it from the same menu. PREVIEW image1045×497 59 KB DOWNLOAD GitHub ESX
  8. Lorens

    Script [QBCore] Car Destroy

    Eşyalar için arabaları yok eden bir senaryo. Araba imha sadece mekanik içindir. Config'de birçok şeyi değiştirebilirsiniz. Yok edilebilecek araçların beyaz bir listesine sahip olmak ve her bir imhadan kaç tane alacağınız gibi şeyleri değiştirebilirsiniz. Video - vehicle destroy İndir...
  9. adee

    Script [FREE] [QBCORE] Lightbar Script

    tnj-lightbar is an asset built to work with QBCore to add lightbars onto vehicles. Gotta give credit where credit’s due. Credits to Munky for the orignal script Munky : Profile - Munky - Community Original Script : [Release] Lightbar Menu Script: Attatch Lightbars to ANY vehicle w/...
  10. adee

    Script [Free] K5 Shops

    K5 Shops1280×720 126 KB This script uses ESX Framework. The goal of this script is to implement different type of shops on your server, that can accepts multiple types of money. These shops can be used as a pawn shop, a store, or as a buyer only market. You can configure the shop to have a max...
  11. Lorens

    Kıyafet Long braids hairstyle for MP Female

    Long braids hairstyle for MP Female How to install on FiveM: 68 Download: Long braids hairstyle for MP Female by Jaagoda.rar (2.0 MB)
  12. adee

    Script [FREE] Trigger Protection

    tests1321×837 65.3 KB ESCKaybeden/eyes-protection ( 266
  13. adee

    Script Repaired rag [prop fix]

  14. Lorens

    Script Licenses & Id Cards

    Licenses About Licenses is a small dev resource, which means that it does almost nothing by itself, and you’ll have to add some functionality to it. The background images are based on the state of California driver’s license. I originally made this a while back (roughly 2 years ago) and it...
  15. Lorens

    Script qb-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core

    qb-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core Dependencies qb-core pma-voice qb-radialmenu - Optional (Access to change channels 1 - 6) Features Latest Nopixel Inspired Radio Radialmenu join channel option 1 - 6 Inventory Image [qb-radio/imgforinvenotry] Sounds included for PMA Voice...







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