1. Moonlight Roleplay

    Advertisement Moonlight Roleplay

    New RP server offers businesses, jobs, gangs, realistic drug processes, player-owned gas stations, and realistic parking lots. The management is mature and reliable, with strict rules to maintain the RP experience and ensure enjoyment. GIVEAWAY Businesses! gunstores, gass stations, gokart...
  2. Advertisement Urbvn Pvrvdise RP | New Server | Gangs | Drugs | Hiring LEO | 18+

    🌆 Join Our Thriving Community in Urbvn Pvrvdise! 🌆 Are you ready to dive headfirst into an immersive journey through a bustling metropolis where opportunities abound at every turn? Look no further than Urbvn Pvrvdise, the newest and most exhilarating FiveM roleplay server on the scene! 🚀 Open...
  3. VegasJ

    Advertisement TheMoonLight RP | WL | Gangs | Mafias | MC's | Business Owning

    Welcome to MoonLight RP. We are a friendly city'that is looking for lots of creative & serious rp opportunities we have to offer. We are a 17+ economy base server, with our helpful staff and community members.. MLRP have so much to offer with lots of positions open. MLRP is also Controller &...
  4. Advertisement Abandoned Souls 2.0 | Custom Phone,Housing,Inventory,Cars,Jobs,Crafting,etc| Starting cash 15K|

    2.0 Version of city in progress come check it out and have your voices heard ! Join the Discord to begin your adventure today: abandonedsouls Custom Scripts include: Phone Housing Inventory Cars Jobs Backpacks Weapons on your back All GABZ MLO's Trading Cards Video Games Funko Pops Clothing...
  5. Advertisement GCSP Fivem Server

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Coast Roelplay --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Coast Roleplay is a vMenu FiveM Roleplay server that is looking for mature, professional and fun people to roleplay...
  6. Advertisement RapidCityRP | NEW | HIRING EMS & PD | PLAYER OWNED BUSINESS | GANGS | & MORE!!

    RapidCityRP is a new and upcoming server! We offer a custom clothing pack and custom cars! Great opportunities for players to own and run a business! WE have custom black markets and new weapons added in weekly! Shop your local gas station for food or even head down to walmart and get some...







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