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May 26, 2022

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May 26, 2022
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What is Visual Gaming?

Visual Gaming is a New South Wales based Australian Role-play server which provides the best RP possible for our community.
Visual Gaming staff & developers pride themselves on bringing what the community wants to the server. With a team of developers that have a great understanding in coding.
Our player base is friendly & committed to helping new players! We’re only a new server so we have a lot of opportunities available for new players & old !

Not only our staff team are willing to help the new community but our current community have a lot of great role-players themselves in it which are willing to help the new guys / girls on the block get a great start and enjoy their new adventure in a new city.

Visual Gaming - Emergency services.
We have a wide range of emergency services - with police equipped with custom New South Wales clothing, vehicles & police department. We’ve also got in-car radars & plate readers, up to date SOP’s & reference sheets for our police force to bring the best role-play possible.

New South Wales paramedics equipped with custom clothing, hospital & vehicles. With a unique call out system which can be found via phone or map.

Fire & Rescue - custom clothing, vehicles & department.

Making it more Aussie.

You’ll notice the customizations around the map such as the Australian flags, Police departments, Hospitals & cars inside of the dealership. (there is a lot more you’ll need to come in and see for yourself)

Roleplay & Realism
Our server is all about roleplaying situations as true-to-life as possible. From the moment you enter the server, you’re expected to be in character. Breaking character is a big no, no from us! Please note that we promote role-play over rule-play. The only time you’re expected to break character is if a staff member is talking to you (In a staff sit)
Please note as that you don’t need to role-play your car crashes, you’re not to GTA drive.

Opportunities for new members!
New players to the community have the chance of running their own mechanic shop, nightclub or car dealership. We’ve got a lot more opportunities in game also we’re open to new business idea’s!

You can start a organization, have you ever wanted to have your own criminal enterprise? Well now is your chance! There is also other groups you can join or maybe go the other route and join the police force!

We’re currently hiring police & emergency services today!

What makes Visual Gaming different?
Visual gaming has made friends with their members & have worked together in building a wonderful community. We host events every week, look into all feedback & improve our server off most voted suggestions. We listen & care for our community as a whole, we don’t single people out and we aren’t rude when we’re dealing with rule breakers. Visual Gaming also provides a lot of custom scripts & mlo’s hours of fun exploring! We’re updating nearly everyday & will continue to do so. We really hope you consider on joining us!

Thanks for reading this,
Visual Gaming Staff Team.

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