vFivem Paid File Sharing (RULES)

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Aug 12, 2021

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Aug 12, 2021
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It is strictly prohibited to insult, offend, demean, or use profanity towards individuals or organizations, just like in the general rules of the forum.
If you come across topics or messages that violate the rules or contain disturbing content, you can report the topic or message to us. You can use the complaint button for this.

Topics that do not comply with the rules will be closed.
  • Those who make unnecessary comments under the topics will be first warned and then subjected to a ban.
  • If it is proven that individuals do not pay after receiving Fivem Files - Installation or individuals who sell Fivem Files - Installation but do not provide the files, they will be subjected to a ban.
  • Individuals who wish to modify and sell a freely shared Fivem File are allowed to do so. (This matter is between the person who shares and the person who sells; no intervention is required.)
  • The seller or buyer must open a single topic. (They must introduce their sold files or plugins in a single topic.)
  • If you claim that the received Fivem Files - Installation stopped working, is faulty, etc., and the seller proves to us that it is working, a ban will be imposed on you.

- It is mandatory to provide a trading rating after completing a trade. Don't forget to give your trading rating in accordance with the rules.
- When engaging in a trade, do not neglect to check the trading rating of the person.

  • If you haven't received a commitment for support from the seller after purchasing Fivem Files - Installation, do not expect them to provide support.
  • If you do not want to pay before receiving Fivem Files - Installation, ask the seller for a demo or proof.
  • It is prohibited to sell or share paid section files and scripts as warez, illegally obtained through third-party programs.
  • Providing phone numbers or conducting sales via WhatsApp is prohibited.
  • vFivem does not guarantee transactions and trades between individuals. All responsibility lies with you. vFivem.com only acts as an intermediary.
  • Advertising is prohibited (including forum and website advertisements).
  • Spamming or flooding is prohibited.
  • Sharing adult or explicit content (+18) is prohibited.
  • Sharing Facebook page/profile links and website addresses is prohibited.
  • A system or file sold by someone else on the forum cannot be resold by another individual.
  • Users who are banned will have their topics deleted and will be unable to conduct sales.
  • A system or file sold by someone else on the forum can be modified and offered for sale or distributed for free.
  • Unless a legal notice is received for any system, graphic, or file that is not being sold on the forum, no prohibition will be imposed.
  • Any system, file, or graphic distributed for free by the creator can be offered by others in a different system, whether for a fee or for free. The person distributing it for free is considered to have accepted this.
  • Whether it is for sale or not, any system can be offered for sale or shared for free by various individuals with various modifications (The responsibility for not leaking files lies with the creator).
  • Warning the topic owner or commenters using inappropriate language or expressing opinions in an inappropriate manner, opening duplicate topics, will result in the locking of your topic.
Even if not explicitly stated in the section rules, the forum administration reserves the right to exercise its own discretion and impose sanctions in certain situations.
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