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Apr 26, 2022

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Apr 26, 2022
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UnscriptedRP is a new serious story-driven, immersive roleplay server. We are currently partially allowlisted, giving you the chance to come and give us a try! We have a team of hard-working developers bringing daily updates, an active staff team, businesses, police, EMS, mechanics and more!

So, more about UnscriptedRP, what to expect, what we ask for in return and what we offer!

What to expect:

  • We are an 18+ server. Apply on discord! No website sign-ups!
  • QBCore Framework
  • English language only
  • We are U.S based but we have a community of many different nationalities such as UK & Ireland, Australia, Norway, Canada, Sweden and New Zealand to name a few.
  • Active developers. New updates almost every day.
  • Non-allowlist times: 12pm-8pm EST.
  • Mumble voip.
  • 100 player slots
  • Friendly staff team, willing to listen to suggestions!
What we have on offer:

  • Police - active LSPD & BCSO who are always recruiting! Find out and apply in character!
  • EMS - paramedics, nurses & doctors! Apply now!
  • Lawyers, state attorneys, judges & mayor!
  • Custom ped models/GTA peds
  • Drugs with effects
  • Progression based legal and illegal crafting
  • Criminal activities: progression based boosting, robberies (stores/houses), heists (bank trucks, fleeca, vangelicos, pacific bank), drug selling, chop shop, racing, money laundering and more! (Find out IC!)
  • Gang W/L crafting
  • Lore-friendly gangs with a ranking system!
  • Player owned businesses - car sales, customization shops, mechanic shops, LZBN News, bars (tequi-la-la, yellow jack, bahama mamas), VU, and restaurants (burgershot, uwu cafe, pop’s diner)
  • Custom clothing
  • Custom cars, sounds and handling!
  • $10,000 starting cash
  • Starting apartment! Free of charge!
  • Car finance
  • Pets! You can even own a pet chicken!
  • Civilian jobs/activities: Fishing, scuba diving, 24/7 deliveries, mining, recycling, garbage, dumpster diving, hunting, metal detecting, towing, taxi driver.
  • Multiple interiors for businesses and “other” things!
  • Collectibles! Collect Funko POPs! Do you want to be the very best and catch ‘em all with Pokémon cards?
  • Streamer friendly
  • Fun events!
What do we want in return?

  • Read the rules carefully.
  • Have a clear, working microphone
  • Be respectful of everyone in the community
  • Create stories! Have fun!
Coming Soon:

  • Tuner shop
  • Casino
  • Cars/Bikes/Businesses
If you are looking for a server with constant development, serious roleplay, a staff team that listens to your suggestions and a community that welcomes you, then look no further! Come and make UnscriptedRP your new home, today!

What story are you gonna tell?








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