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May 12, 2022

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May 12, 2022
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Please Note Joining this City just to VDM / RDM or Troll will result in an instant ban , we have created a great happy environment with a brilliant community of non toxic players , we intend to keep it this way!.

Now that bit is out the way here is some of the things you can expect aswell as much much more that hasn't been listed here ( a lot of our systems are custom coded and revolve around generating RP ).

StreetLife RP - Our FiveM server is Live and has a steady player base with so many exciting things to do! Whether you want to chill out doing some fishing , playing plasma quest with friends to getting into high speed chases with the Police and so MUCH MORE!.

Here's a break down of some of what you can expect from Our Server...

Active staff and Devs | Police (which new players can apply for) | EMS

Factions | Player Owned Businesses | Drugs available

Grease Monkeys | Bean Machine | UwU Cat Cafe | Luxury Autos

Plasma Quest | Fishing and Coral Diving | Plasma Karts | Import Vehicles | 1 of 1 Vehicles

Tennis on almost every court! | Almost any house available for purchase

A lot of legal jobs, with a tonne of illegal ways to earn money & Multiple different heists

Regular Events | Street Racing | Custom Music Player in Businesses & Vehicles

Currently running the latest framework and using the third eye system

Streetlife prides itself on being a server that is not ''pay to win'', we have a community feel with regular players that are always friendly and ready to help. The RP is serious and OOC behaviour is not tolerated. We also do not tolerate players who come in and just want to deathmatch! Admin reports are dealt with very quickly and community meetings are often held so that we can keep improving things.







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