Advertisement Sinners RP, Now recruiting LEO’s, EMS and Mechanics ✔️| Custom Player Owned Businesses | Custom Vehicles | Engaging Roleplay | Housing system | Econom

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Jun 5, 2022

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Jun 5, 2022
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Are you looking for a fun, friendly city with good RP active staff that listen? Do you appreciate attention to detail down to the smallest thing? Then Sinners is where you want to be. A lot of time and effort has gone in to making a fully optimized server with custom handling files on EVERY vehicle. The only thing we need now is people like YOU!

**We offer:**
**houses** wherever you want. Numerous different ways of making **legitimate** or **illicit** money. Player owned business where you can hire your own staff who work for you and much, much more!

So whether you want to be a **criminal** mastermind, a member of the **emergency** services or simply enjoy RP and want to be a citizen then Sinners RP has it all.

Sinners drives the **realistic** concept of grinding for **items** and **vehicles** which you will learn to enjoy. The economy is **balanced** so that players will value their decision making when it comes to buying their first vehicle.

All our **emergency service** are held to the highest level with in depth **SOPs** for each department and we will not tolerate a “always win” mentality. All our **LEOs** are trained to have a force with force attitude meaning we do not have a cops Vs robbers city. All our services RP is of a high standard which is constantly monitored meaning the best in game experience for all.

**Our services consist of:**
**LSPD** – Each officer gets their own personal vehicle which they can use as a take home car. Numerous other departments from traffic to Air 1 so there is always ways to progress through the ranks.

**EMS** – Full training provided with numerous vehicles to meet the demands of the city.

**Fire Department** – Full training provided. We have the capability of making the fires at random or starting them whenever we want meaning the fire department will always be busy.

**We are currently recruiting for all our emergency services and looking for fire Chiefs, and head of EMS.**

Do you consider yourself to be an ****entrepreneur**?** We have numerous ****player** owned businesses** up for sale. All **businesses** come with their own **business bank account** where players can hire/fire staff and they all work for their salary.

Some of the businesses include: **Burgershot**, **White Widow**, **Cookies**, **Vanilla Unicorn**, **Mechanic** and much, much more!

**White Listed Jobs**
We have tons of whitelisted jobs with professionally run departments including **Police**, **Sheriff**, **Mechanics**, **EMS** and others. Each of these departments is professionally structured with in depth **SOPs** for those wanting serious **LEO**/**Medical** Roleplay. Start your training, work hard, join a specialist department or simply rise through the **ranks**. Your career path is endless.

**Illegal Activities.**
**Selling drugs**, **Street racing**, **Gang activities**, Sinners RP features tons of ways to delve into the criminal underworld. Join an established street gang or start your own. All **gangs** come with a **gang house and bank account** to keep track of your criminal empire. If you prefer to work alone, you can **craft weapons**, **rob houses**, **rob banks** or **shops** whatever suits your fancy. We also have a number of different drugs for you to grow or cook then sell.

**Some of our other features include:**
• Custom Cars
• Fishing with an advanced fishing script
• Customizable Housing
• Trucking sim
• Arcade - Play against online people
• Car Tuning
• Bobcat Bank heist
• Own your own pet
• Race Scene with custom tracks
• Unique drugs and breaking down of drugs
• Scuba Diving
• Mining
• Hunting
• Smelting
• Crafting
• Casino - Play to win a super car on the wheel of fortune
• Scrap yard - Scrapping cars
• Car Rental
• Leisure shop


**If this sounds like the city for you then come check us out.**
**Thank you for taking the time to read through our post 🙂**







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