MLO/YMAP Ray of Hope for Peri - All of our custom maps will stay with you for a lifetime, priced at 3.5 euros

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Aug 2, 2023

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Aug 2, 2023
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Hello dear vfivem community,

Today, I would like to share a very special matter with all of you. I am Aegon, a FiveM developer based in Turkey. I have been creating map designs for FiveM servers and selling them for quite some time.

However, today I am here to announce a campaign in which my map designs will be used for a noble cause. I want to introduce you to Peri, a little girl living in Turkey who is unfortunately battling SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).

SMA is a rare genetic disorder that affects motor neurons, leading to a neuromuscular disease. It appears in infancy and causes muscle weakness, restricted movement, and breathing difficulties. SMA can significantly impact the quality of life for children and poses a great challenge for their families.

I am eager to do everything in my power to support Peri and bring hope into her life. For this purpose, I have created a special package of all my map designs, named “Ray of Hope for Peri.” I will be offering this package to anyone who donates 3.5 Euros or more on my Tebex store. I am delighted to inform you that all proceeds will be used for Peri’s treatment and needs.

Your support will be a ray of hope for Peri, touching her life in a meaningful way. Even the smallest contribution can make a significant difference.

Ray of Hope for Peri Campaign Details:

Campaign Dates: [2th August 2023 - 7th August 2023]
Contribution Amount: Starting from 3.5 Euros (You can contribute more; every little help is valuable.)
Campaign Content: A special package containing all my custom map designs.
To make a donation and obtain the map designs package, please visit [ ] and add the “Ray of Hope for Peri” product to your cart. By doing so, you will not only enhance your gaming experience but also support a wonderful cause that touches a life.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all donors on behalf of Peri and her family. Knowing that you will be a light in their lives brings immense joy to us.

Please join us by spreading the word and supporting this campaign. Together, we can nurture hope and share the beauty of life.

Thank you and warm regards,








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