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May 22, 2022

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May 22, 2022
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We're a serious RP server, It has been in development for 6 months and running 3 months, we are new to everything but we do try
and put in 110% to make sure everyone is happy in the server.
we currently have 37 members in our discord and growing
I mean dont just take what im sayig now join the discord and server and see for yourself

Some of our features:

Criminal Features:

• Fully customizable gangs
•Many different types of robberies for when you're either desperate for cash
or up for a challenge
• Custom drugs
• Illegal street races set up and ready to go at a moments notice
• High level RP required from factions to make sure you're enjoying every
moment of your time on our server

Police Features:
• Custom police vehicles with custom liveries and handling
• In depth evidence system
• MLO's that are high quality and used frequently

EMS Features:
• in depth white-list Medical Services
• Custom vehicles with custom liveries and handling
• MLO's that are high quality and used frequently

Civilian Features:
• Custom vehicles with custom handling
• Custom clothing with some being made specifically for our server
• Custom jobs with more being added regularly
• Businesses which are purchasable in game and customizable for your own needs
• Player ran businesses with custom content to create seamless RP no matter the
occasion your character is feeling

All Round Features:
• QB-Core is used which many people are familiar with, some of it being redone by
our personal developer
• Custom scripts made specifically for us
• PMA-Voice to avoid the hassle of installing toko-voip or saltychat so you can get straight into the

Recruitment Section
• We are heavily recruiting police
• Player owned businesses are constantly being reviewed and accepted

little bit to know
we are still fresh to fivem we are a dedicated team of player who want to allow people to have as much fun as possible
being part of the fivem community is to be able to have the abiliy to do almost anything in game
like i said we are still fresh and you want a server / community that will help
you and listen to your opinions here we are right in front of you

If you have any questions my DM's are always open, thank you for reading and I hope
to see you soon.

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