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Jun 20, 2022

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Jun 20, 2022
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United Kingdom
NotePixel RP We are newly built server we are looking to become one of most played servers on FiveM and plan to be the best we are always looking to improve the server what we currently have. Jobs for Civilians only the basic jobs for now such as News, Tow, Taxi, Garbage Collector, Bus Driver and Trucker. Of course there are also illegal ways to make money but you will have to explore the city to find it. We have got loads of scripts and MLO's we have got a black market and week dealers but to get them you will need to explore the city there are many ways to make money to become the top dog We will be adding new stuff all the time for discord and the fivem server its self. If you have any ideas for us or even would like to help us feel free to join and apply to be one of many jobs available for civs or departments or even staff. Why I think we will become one of the best servers on FiveM is because we are planning on making it fun for everyone no matter one enjoys the game we are serious RP server so when playing remember to play like you would in a real life situation. We are always looking to improve for either the discord or the FiveM server it's self. We currently have Black Market Drug System Weapon Crafting Normal Crafting Drug Phone Gun Attachment crafting We are currently looking for players for these Jobs. LAPD Police LAPD EMS SAHP Lawyers Real-estate Burger Shot Tuner Cat Cafe and many more feel free to ask in us about the jobs which are available We are also looking for some staff to help around the discord to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. To even have a chance at staff you would need to have 1 week play time at least to even be given a chance at staff. Will you help us become a great place for everyone to enjoy and have fun or even if you would like to just give a suggestion feel free to join and make one. Hopefully we will see you out in the city


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