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May 27, 2022

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May 27, 2022
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LifeRP (Open Beta) Currently looking for Department leaders, Staff and Members

LifeRP is a Canada-based FiveM server designed to provide an immersive character-building experience unlike any other with over 50+ jobs in the works, Some examples are Farming, Construction, Truck driver, Amazon delivery, Real estate, uber, Car machine and so much more. We are building a server that will become your forever server, with so much to do you should never get bored.

Character Abilities: We are in the works on adding level systems to help your character do their day-to-day tasks faster. the more you work the faster your job gets the higher the risk the more money you get. Get rewarded when doing your job, but make a mistake and you might just learn from it. Create good roleplay and our staff and server government will reward you. We see everything and want our community to see that good roleplay is extremely apricated and rewarded.

Your Story: We are creating a platform for you to create your story, letting you be who you wanna be your story your future. decided where it takes you. The career path your choices and the path of your charter you take will determine your future Be a law-abiding citizen or Join the police force maybe become a paramedic and save the lives of your community. Or maybe that's too boring for you and maybe a gang banger seeking to establish street cred, a criminal lone wolf, or part of an organized crime ring, is more your style, whatever it is we have it. and don't worry you can always create a different character and discover a different side from what you currently are discovering. Life RP is about Life your game you play it as you seam fit we have over 50+ interactive jobs that not only pay well but help the server and other players in many ways, from refilling gas station fuel and food, to delivering import cars or parts to dealers and mechanics or even crafting fully automatic weapons to be sold on the black market or streets. What we have to offer. Over 50+ civ jobs Like all interactive so you don't get bored
- Trucker
- taxi
- Delivery
- Farmer
- Warehouse
- Constriction worker
- election
- TUNER JOB / Engine Swaps
- real estate
- Technician
- Sell owned cars
- chop shop
- bitcoin mining
- SnowPlow Driver
- Oversized Truck Job
- Mowing Mini Job
- Wash Money
- goPostal Job
- Invest Money, New Banking, Accident Effect
- Real Parking
- Car Rental
- City Works
- hunting
- Hunt animals and sell meat
- Mining
- Casino (this will be on hold, it will be in the server but not useable for some time)

- Toronto Police (Hiring Supervisors and Officers)
- Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
- RCMP (federal and national police service of Canada)
- Toronto Paramedics (Hiring Paramedics)
- Toronto Fire (Hiring Chief and Members)

- 24/7 Live server
- Custom Civilian Cars
- Custom EUP
- Custom Scripts
- Active members
- Active Staff
- Rewarded For good RP

Enjoy a teaser trailer we just launched







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