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Apr 16, 2022

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Apr 16, 2022
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Server name: "Joutai State Roleplay | Revamped"
"Welcome to your second home!"

We have been around for about two years and did have to do a complete rebuild of the server, updating the framework and all of our assets for the best experience that we can offer. We do understand that FiveM is a community mod, and we want to do our best to give everyone a fun, welcoming experience!

We have a lot to offer for everyone, including:
• Character creation & editing (no more face templates)!
• Minimal HUD to help with immersion!
• In game housing for players who need a place to crash!
• Info Tab for information pertaining to rules, F.A.Q.s, and more!
• Drug Operations (dens to process, fields to farm, and sell to any npc you find!)
• Chat commands for players who are mute!
• Player owned shops, bars, pawnshops, and more!
• Hunting, Fishing, & Camping for the great outdoors!
• Gang jobs for players with criminal interests!
• A skateboard for players to move around with!
• Cayo Perico Island is now visitable!
• Heists for players to knock out some banks or other high-end locations!
• Content updates every week, because I have an unhealthy work ethic!
• Welcoming and friendly staff / community!

Whitelisted jobs that are open to applications:
• Los Santos Police Dept.
• Blaine County Sheriff's Office
• San Andreas Fire Dept.
• Pillbox Hospital Medical Corp.
• Huszan Family's Vanilla Unicorn
• Galaxy Night Club

We want to be more than cops and robbers. We try to go out of our way to help promote content creators, be it streamers, musicians, and artists!
• Looking for some interesting content for your stream? We can help with a story or some fun interactions!
• Are you a musician or DJ? Let us put your music on our custom car radio script or host a session at a venue in the server!
• Do you create art? We are planning to get an in-game art gallery so players can hang their work up and advertise!

We update weekly and do our best to bring you the best roleplay experience we can!
-> Discord:


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