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23 Mar 2022

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23 Mar 2022
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United States

Hi are you looking for a new serious fun strict Roleplay Community to join?! Well we at Elyria have you covered.

Looking to be a Police Officer? Well we have it all

-A custom police force with unique CAD system.

-Custom Police Cars Bikes and Helicopters

-Custom Weapons

-Custom SOP

-Custom Police clothes and equipment.

If this doesn't float your boat but you like police work maybe Join the FIB?!

-Investigate Gangs

-Start RICO Cases

-Use Custom Vehicles, Clothing, weapons and more.

If you don't wanna follow law enforcement but want to be a part of the law, maybe join our DOJ.

-Be a Defense Attorney like Better Call Saul

-Maybe help put Criminals away and Become a Prosecuting Attorney.

-Or Work your way up to be a Judge and be the one to declare sentencing.

Not interested in Police or DOJ? But still wanna help the community how about our extremely dedicated EMS?! We have

-Custom Vehicles for both Fire and Medical

-Custom Uniforms

-Stretchers with different uses

-Custom Lengthy Medical RP to allow extensive in depth procedures and interesting situations.

If the life of government jobs doesn't suit you, we have way more civilian jobs then we can count, especially custom built from the ground up jobs that no city has ever had.

-Custom Mining Script

-Custom Lumberjack Script

-Trucking based on American Truck Simulator with custom trucks leveling and more.

-too many other Jobs to list.

But if that still doesn't fancy you maybe join one of our 3 major criminal gangs

Sinful Sultans Motorcycle Club that values their attachment to each other and their bikes over all else with in depth 1%er Roleplay featuring a book of Bylaws and in depth Prospecting.We have

-Custom Bikes

-Custom Clubhouse

-Custom Patches

-Custom Illegal Systems

The Grove Street Ballas a street gang that takes running the block to a whole new meaning.

-Custom Cars

-Custom Drip

-Custom Grove Street MLO

-Custom Illegal Systems

The Family, a Mafia based criminal organization that operates out of the Shadows ensuring Noone knows their existence. Valuing loyalty and money above all else.

-Custom Cars

-Custom Clothes

-Custom HQ

-Custom Illegal Systems

If any of these interest you maybe attempt to join. If not and you want to run solo that's okay too. If you want to start your own gang you can do that too but it takes time and a lot of work to be built up to that point.

Remember folks Elyria is for the People By the People. Our Motto is "Progress through People."








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