fivem esx scripts

  1. Reklam Los Santos Country RP

    Welcome to LSCRP, we are a new upcoming server full of dedicated staff and members. We have a good community, with proud members and staff. The server is built on QBCore, which includes custom cars, jobs, robberies, gangs and civilian jobs. If you are wanting to join, type "Los Santos Country...
  2. Lorens

    Script [ESX] Bixbi Territories

    System for gangs to capture zones (areas) on the map. Once captured gangs can make money from illegal sales done in the area or money washing. Demonstration Video 248 Download Here 88 Can be found on the GitHub page. These may update frequently, and it’s too much effort to keep on top of them...
  3. Lorens

    Script [esx] [free] Esx-smallresources

    GitHub : Download Manual Download the script and put it in the [ESX] directory. Add the following code to your server.cfg/resouces.cfg ensure es_extended ensure esx-smallresources Features Consumeable foods/beverages/drinks/drugs (sandwich, water_bottle, tosti, beer, vodka etc.) Removal of...
  4. Lorens

    Script [ESX] Mobile Hotdog Vendor

    Mobile Hot Dog Stand Dependencies Qtarget - A re-written and optimised "third eye" solution 23 rpprogress Notification (can be changed) Main Download here 62 Extract into your resource folder. Must be using Ox_Inventory. Add the job to your server. The job name is “hotdeal”, or you can change...







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